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With lowpoly models and shared material, being these separated in opaque and transparent , the assets basis_1 allows you to create many florest for games with a great quality and right performance, due to construct attentive ever the good practice of modelling for game.

In this assets package you will find.

3D models:

  • twenty plants in at four different color, being




      aquatic plants

      in four different formats



      coconut tree


      in four different formats.

  • six items in at four colors, for add details on scene as




  • seven roch type in two colors

many plants can be user in normal invironment and aquatic environment, expanding to possibility of combination

some features

except with the tree and bones, most models fluctuate between 90 and 700 triangles.

the largest atlases are composts of up to fifteen models in four color, while the minors have up to four models in four different colors.

All models add up to ten materials in total


  • for to terrain is available

  • two grass format in four different colors

    seven texture type for terrain

all terrain texture contains especials setting with normal texture, speculate texture, etc, according to with the terrain plugin.

Background and particles:

    three panoramic background

    two basic paticle of texture

*all items to terrain are acessories of plugin Heightmap terrain, one plugin developed by (https://github.com/Zylann) free and can be find in (https://github.com/Zylann/godot_terrain_plugin.git), or by godot/assetsLib/heightmap terrain


and licence http://escolhaumalicenca.com.br/licencas/artistic/

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Release date Oct 01, 2018
Tags3D, android, asset, assets, blackfriday, elements, Godot, godot-engine, graphics, NSFW
Code licenseMIT License


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Hi, a team mate asked me to buy this. Is there a multi seat license I have to account for, or can I just donate  X times ? If not, bought on as a gift and one for myself. I'll do some videos using it as well, but my sub base is terrible :P 

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YOU can distribute among your team members, and use in any commercial product.

if possible share the video here

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Your a god sent, I shared this in the Official facebook group. Thanks again.

ty man and a good dev for you.